Material contained herein is related to the AVENUEBUILT presentation submitted to the Lac Ste Anne County Council
with a request for Approval in Principle of a proposed land development.

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Project Technical Reports
Request for Approval in Principle
Submittal to County Lac Ste Anne 5/23/2008
Geotechnical Report - 5/25/2008 (2 Meg)
Wastewater Report - 5/17/2008 (3.5 Meg)
Existing Well Data - 3/14/2008 (1 Meg)
Ground Water Report - 5/15/2008 (1 Meg)
Road Design Report - 5/23/2008 (500 Kb)
Pavement Design Report - 5/23/2008 (500 KB)

Statement of Objectives - 5/23/2008 (45 KB)