AvenueBuilt, represented by The Catalano Development Group, is presenting this preliminary proposal for the development of a 59.74 hectare (148 acre) parcel located Northeast of Ross Haven approximately one and a half kilometers north of Highway 43 on Range Road 33. The preliminary design drawings and reports accompanying this letter are intended to serve as a guide explaining the project's concept and scope. By providing this detailed preliminary package, it is our hope that any future formal application will be clear, concise and devoid of major issues. With this goal in mind, we have committed ourselves to clearly communicating the development concept through the following submittal components:

This letter contains brief descriptions of the detailed site analysis that has been performed up to this point. We have studied, in some significant detail, those aspects of the existing physical surroundings that may influence this site's development.

An experienced team of professionals has been assembled to develop this concept plan. Brief biographies of each team member and a project directory (providing contact information) have been included in the submittal package.

This submittal contains detailed drawings and written reports illustrating the project parameters and proposed concept design. Additional supplementary information may be forwarded prior to the June 4th County Meeting or as requested by County staff.